San benedetto Po strategic starting point to discover some of the most beautiful and
romantic cities of Lombardy, Mantua, just 20 minutes drive, Veneto, Verona and Padua,
and Emilia Romagna, Ferrara, Modena and Parma.



The history of San Benedetto Po is inextricably linked with the birth, life, development and the Napoleonic suppression of the abbey Polirone, one of the most important Cluniac sites among the thousands that were built in medieval Europe. The monastery was founded by Tedaldo of Canossa in 1007. The family of Canossa was architect of its development with donations of land. Particular attention was by Matilda, who at his death in 1115, wanted to be buried. In life, he gave the abbey Polirone the Pope who gave it to Hugh of Cluny. Urban VIII in 1634 it bought the remains that were buried in St. Peter where it still lies in a mausoleum designed by Bernini. Over the centuries, periods of decline alternating with periods of renewed glory. From 1420 at the instigation of Gonzaga, the Polirone passed to the congregation of St. Justina of Padua which led, among others, Giulio Romano to participate in the renovation of St. Benedict. The activities of the monastery will continue until March 9, 1797 Napoleon I ordered the deletion.

The products of the territory of San Benedetto Po offer the discerning gourmets can enjoy special traditional dishes, expertly cooked by chefs strictly Mantua various restaurants.

Tortelli di zucca
Agnolini in brodo
Risotto con le salamelle
Risotto col pesce gatto
Luccio in salsa
Stracotto d'asino
Polenta e gras pistà

Anello di Monaco (dolce stagionale del periodo natalizio)
Torta di tagliatelle
Mostarda mantovana